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It’s no secret that the Western world is in throes of change. North America is quickly abandoning its Judeo-Christian heritage for secularism. In a blog posting by Dr. John Stackhouse in reference to the 2011 Statistics Canada census data, he makes the following observation. “The tight link between Canada and Christian piety has evaporated as Canadians have raced the Dutch for the fastest deChristianization since the French Revolution… The national story is simply a quiet revolution of slow but sure abandonment of Christian identity by older people and an increasing number of younger people who have never known the inside of a church and are in no hurry to see it.”

How does the church navigate this change? It seems that there are no experts but there are fellow travellers. The answer to the way we navigate the shifting cultural tide is together.

Forge Canada invites you to join a monthly community of fellow leaders to journey with, learn from and process the cultural context we are now a part of.

A Forge Learning Community (FLC) is a monthly priority for missional practitioners and leaders.

What can you expect?

Because we will lean upon each other to grow and learn there are three expectations of those who subscribe to the FLC:

  • Show up – Once a month for 3 hours commit your time to being with the FLC. Trust can only be built as we are together and to get to the heart of our most pressing challenges will require trust.

  • Be present – We encourage everyone to come prepared. There may be times when we will discuss articles or books come having read and prepared to dialogue intelligently. There will be times when we carry burdens that distract come prepared to share so we can carry them together.

  • Engage – Come willing to participate. We might provide the voice of others who have deeper insight or more experienced but every voice is needed to help process what we are hearing and apply it to our own specific contexts.

What’s expected of you? Show up, be present and engage.

What does a Learning Community do?

The short answer is that we learn. Not only by having wise voices speak to us either live or virtually, but also by putting into practice what is being learned and sharing our experiences with each other. We learn by acting and reflecting and the FLC allows a venue to process this learning cycle.

What does it cost to subscribe?

A yearly subscription to a Forge Learning Community is $300 or $30/month. This subscription not only helps us to cover the fees associated with getting speakers, and providing refreshments, it also provides exclusive discount rates for other Forge Canada events and other great savings.

Current Learning Communities are located in Burlington ON and are led by Merv Budd.

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