Who We Are

Forge Canada is a growing network of leaders and churches in Canada who are committed to training leaders and churches to transform their neighbourhoods. David Bosch reminded us that the Father sent the Son, the Son sent the Spirit and God is sending His people into the mission field.

Forge Canada got its start out of Southside Community Church and has developed into a growing network of like-minded people across Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Our desire is that it grows into a movement of people from all denominations, in all regions of the country and with many kinds of leaders. We are made up of some who are theological guides for us in the process. Others are spiritual mentors. Some are emerging leaders and many others are faithfully modelling servant-leadership to us.

But we are more than individuals. We are a growing network of churches and a movement of God’s people who desire to support one another and to be accountable to one another in a set of practices that will lead us into a deeper level of discipleship and into working with God in spiritual transformation.

Forge Canada

Forge Missional Training Network equips leaders and churches to become missional, to multiply and to transform neighbourhoods. We believe that God is on a mission inviting people into His family. His call on our lives is to help create a movement of His people that will see a community of faith in every neighbourhood, living out the good news of the Kingdom of God, and bringing about the transformation of those neighbourhoods. We love the Bride of Christ. We believe that God is at work. We know we need your help and invite your participation.

Forge Canada involves churches across the land sharing resources and stories, encouraging one another in the mission.

Forge “Ethos” Hubs are associated with seminaries and bible schools and, together, are training and coaching leaders and churches to become more missional.

Forge Spiritual Community is the life blood of each Hub in which members commit to principles, practices, disciplines, and a simple rule of life.


To establish multiplying, missional Christian communities…


….through equipping leaders and churches to become missional, to multiply, and to transform their neighbourhoods.

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