The first week of Advent traditionally focuses on HOPE. We hold onto hope even as we live in a time of unsettling ambiguity. Our day to day lives have been significantly “disrupted” over the past two and a half years; so, have our churches. 

Systemic racial injustice continues to rear its ugly head in our countries. Deepening political differences divide families and communities. We hear of wars, we experience the impact of climate change, economic insecurity, disillusionment with systems and structures which once seemed so secure.
We long to “return” . . . but “to what?” And before you say it. . . what is “normal” anyway? 

We long but how? Perhaps like God’s people of old–at least on their good days–by waiting, watching, seeking, praying, obeying—

As we wait and long for the redemption of all things, Christ’s Second Advent, perhaps, the Triune One might RE-boot our imaginations as we attend to the Word and Spirit by REmembering, REcognizing, REflecting on and learning again how to REspond to God’s agency amongst us, ahead of us, above us, with and for us. 

Join us on an Advent journey where we will briefly pause each day to ponder one of God’s promises, it’s fulfillment or future fulfillment and what it might mean for those seeking to discover and join Spirit on God’s mission in our neighbourhoods right where we are, here and now.

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