The Good Samaritan (Digital Edition – With apologies to Luke)

Written by Heather Card. And who is my neighbour? A young woman wrote a Facebook post that was a veiled reference to her struggle with anxiety, but the hashtags scattered among her recent posts left was no doubt that she was in a difficult downward spiral. The demands of children, online learning, and financial pressuresContinue reading “The Good Samaritan (Digital Edition – With apologies to Luke)”

Subtleties, Shades and Nuances

I love seeing my friend’s artwork which they post online. Pen and ink drawings, water colours, quilting, landscape art – I’ve got some very talented friends. Back in high school I took some art classes and it soon became apparent to me that the difference between good artwork and great artwork is the subtleties ofContinue reading “Subtleties, Shades and Nuances”

Missional Commons: A Canadian Conversation

It is 28 years since I planted Southside Community Church in Burnaby, BC. I did not know what I was doing, so my mentor, John Zimmerman, advised that I walk the neighbourhood for several months, watching for what was happening and talking to the Lord and to people about what should happen. I listened andContinue reading “Missional Commons: A Canadian Conversation”

Understanding the Times

The spread of COVID-19 has everyone from governments and business to families and churches trying to tell what the future holds and how they should respond. We’ve been confronted with a disease we’ve never seen before. Yet, this time we’re seeing unprecedented steps, like whole nations being put on lock down, to prevent and contain its spread. When uncertainty runs high, panic and fear begin to reign.

Evaluating Mission: Are You the Church, or Should We Look for Something Else?

Guest contribution by Heather Card.

Evaluation. Is it something that you embrace, or something thing that you dread? I think if we are honest, most of us are a little apprehensive about evaluation. Maybe we even wonder if evaluation is appropriate in the church context. 

The Decade Ahead

Linked In reminded me this last weekend that it has been 20 years since God birthed Forge in Canada. Linked In actually congratulated me on it being 21 years, but at this stage who is counting. I think it is likely we are entering our 21st year, but as I get to this stage of life, I find it hard to remember my kids’ names let alone how many years I have had the privilege of serving God in Canada. It has been a wonderful journey, and I trust that there is even more ahead.