Dear Friend of Forge,

What gift are you asking for this Christmas? My kids have hounded me for a list, but I have already had an incredibly rich season in receiving 4 gifts from the Lord.

Gift #1 was an amazing week away, being led to numbers of old friends. Reminded me of the goodness of God to me over the years. Friendships, ministry opportunities, organizations I have been a part of … all, demonstrating God’s faithfulness. Bethel’s The Goodness of God is a wonderful gift from God in this season. In receiving, I am bringing a deeper degree of praise to the only one who is good.

Gift #2 was an incredible sermon by a friend Deb Judas on Luke 1:26-56 around the encounter between Mary and the angel Gabriel. The gift was the call to surrender, as Mary did. She was favoured, surrendered to the Lord, and trusted and obeyed… even when it seemed impossible to imagine the truth of the message. She was promised, “no word from God would ever fail.” We need to bring the gift of surrender this Christmas.

Gift #3 is a little space to be quiet. After a long but wonderful year, I have a few weeks in which to slow down and to be still and know that He is God. This time will open space for me to consider what the Lord is wanting to do in me, with me and through me in the months/years to come. Now I need to learn to receive this gift and to bring him my all.

Gift #4 was an ecard from someone very important to me. I am not a fan of ecards and the song seemed silly until I reflected a little more deeply on what was written. I’ve never heard the carol Little Donkey before, but it was written in 1959 by Eric Boswell. The profound truth is that our King rode into Bethlehem (in the womb) on a donkey to be brought into the world. He also rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to be crowned a different kind of King before his crucifixion. This is a part of the good news of the king and His kingdom that has forever changed my life. I need to bring him a gift of humility.

Already this has been a season of receiving far more than I could have imagined. What gifts are you hoping for? What gifts will you bring to the King of Kings?

We at Forge appreciate your participation in seeking to join with what God is doing in neighbourhoods across our country. Together we hope to foster a movement to launch new communities of His people in more neighbourhoods and to work with existing congregations to see a renewed participation in the mission of God. 

We invite you to participate as we seek to encourage the church to receive their king, and to bring Him the gifts of honour and praise that only He deserves.  Please do look at our new website to see how you might become involved.

May you experience the presence of the living Christ this Christmas.

Forge Canada and Global Director

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