When it comes to stopping the spread there are three key actions to keep in mind:

  1. Keep Isolated
  2. If you go out keep your distance and do not touch other people.
  3. Wear a mask around others

This is good advice if the spread we are wanting to stop is COVID-19 but it is exactly what we should not be doing if we want to spread the Good News of God’s Kingdom. Unfortunately many do keep isolated, afraid that somehow the bad influence of others may somehow rub off on them but forgetting that we have been called to rub off on others. We must be around people if we are going to spread the Good News.

And for goodness sake if you are going to be with people draw close, get to know them and don’t be afraid to be used to touch their lives and to have their lives touch yours. This is how friendships are built, how love is shared and how the Kingdom spreads.

Lastly, take off your masks when you are with others. For too long Christians have given a false impression by hiding behind masks of self-righteous pretense and false holiness. Nobody expects you to be perfect and don’t believe you when you pretend you are. Better to be genuine, vulnerable and real with others. They may just then feel that you are safe enough to confide in and you may be able to confide in them about God’s Kingdom.

By all means follow the advice of experts to stop the spread of COVID-19 but, when it comes to sharing the Good News of Christ’s Kingdom help share the spread!

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